One of my ferrets had lymphoma and and this helped with her treatment remission.  I asked my vet if she would recommend natural remedies that I could use in conjunction with the daily prednisone treatment of 1.5 ml and the asparaginase treatment she is getting.  She recommended this to me for my ferret:

DHA:  Increase thse levels increase N-3 fatty acids – note that the best source of this is seaweed (versus fish – also avoid risk of contaminants and heavy metals that can occur with the fish source); overall get better response in treatment with chemotherapy – decreases insulin levels and lactate levels.  Best source and reasonably priced and available OTC is Expecta.  Can get from Target or Walmart.  It comes in 200 mg capsules – dosage is 200 mg for small sized dog; 400 mg for medium sized dog; 600 mg for large sized dog.

See for handouts on chemotherapy, nutrition, and pet loss, etc.

I hope this will help those of you out there with ferrets who have lymphoma!

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