Marshall High Back Ferret Litter Pan

ferret litter box

ferret litter box

Let’s face it, you’ll find hardly any ferrets that are perfect about using the cat litter box. Having a little understanding as to the reasons a ferret goes where it will, but with a little effort, you can significantly enhance his chances of reaching the proper spot.

To start with, you need to realize that ferrets are ‘latrine’ animals.This means that they pick a place, typically in a personal part somewhere, and come back to that spot when they have to eliminate.They even have short legs along with a low profile. For them a space looks TERRIBLY BIG and the best places look appearing to them to poo in. Therefore, they may select more than one corner in a room, or one part in each room! Hopefully, because they are a very intelligent species, we can correct this problem by offering them more litter pans as required.

In some places where litter pans are not suitable, newspaper can be used. Most ferrets get used to using newspaper fairly well, just make sure they don’t try to play in it, which is usually the case in kits. You may also try getting tupperware-type dishes or old dish pans to put in spots where larger litter pans won’t fit. Whatever object fits your area, it’s vital that you let the ferret know what these are being used for. Placing just a little feces on the newspaper or in their litter box will often enable the ferret to know what the newspaper is for.

The Marshall high back litter pan integrates the best features of regular and corner litter pans, and is ergonomically designed for the unique bathroom habits of ferrets. With a 2-inch front lip and 7-inch high back corners, this pan can catch even the largest of ferrets backing up.

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