Older Ferret

Amazing Ferret Facts Romans utilized ferrets to drive away rats and to find rabbits, which they utilized as food in 300 BC. They took ferrets to other parts of Europe. Romans used ferrets to drive away rats and to discover rabbits, for which they utilized food in 300 BC. TheyContinue Reading

  I have had ferrets for many years.  Before that I had cats.  I love them both as pets.  Ferrets are unique creatures and each has its own personality.  Some of lap ferrets and some are in their own little worlds, more aloof and independent.  They all love their families, humansContinue Reading

  Ferrets, mischievous, playful, and undeniably adorable, ferrets have been by our sides, playing and working, for nearly 2,500 years.  A lot of ferret parents find that their combination of smarts, personality, and curiosity make ferrets ideal candidates for leash and harness training. Commonly misidentified as a rodent, the domesticContinue Reading

  Ferrets are inquisitive, intelligent, amusing and, of course, adorable! As cute as these increasingly popular, petite-size pets are before you bring one home, you should be aware that ferret care is a bit specialized and requires specific ferret supplies. True, ferrets don’t need to be walked in all kindsContinue Reading