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Just like humans, ferrets make different noises for different emotions. Some ferrets are more talkative than others. I’ve heard of ferrets that never make a sound, while others chuckle all the time.

– A clucking noise that comes from a happy woozel. Some people think the dook resembles the sound of a clucking chicken.

– A hissing sound (sounds like that of a cat only not as scratchy) comes from an annoyed, mad, or a ferret that wants to play rough.

– A loud chirp that occurs from a very excited or frightened furball. If your fuzzy makes this noise, make sure you know why. If he is in danger assist him immediately.

– A high-pitched sound accompanied or even replaced by rapid chattering. The Screech is a reaction to extreme pain, fright, or anger. If your fuzzy makes this noise, make sure you know why. If he is in danger assist him immediately.

– A low or high complaining cry. Your fuzzy will make this sound if he is injured, wanting attention, or scared. If your fuzzy makes this noise, make sure you know why. If he is in danger assist him immediately.

First off, ferrets sleep up to 20 hours a day! Now that’s a lot of sleep! Now it makes sense as to why you need to play with them as much as you can when they are awake

Ferrets tend to sleep in the most uncomfortable positions, at least according to us humans. But to the ferret, it is the most comfortable position ever! Usually, when you see a ferret, it is sleeping in a spiral. Some ferrets like to sleep with their noses hanging out of the hammock, while others like to sleep on their stomachs or backs. Some even like to sleep with their mouth open, or sometimes their mouths just fall open. Because fuzzies sleep so much, they work hard to find the most comfortable positions to sleep in!

Since fuzzies sleep so much, they must dream, right? Yes, they do dream. Occasionally, when the ferret is sleeping, you will notice him twitching – this is when your ferret is dreaming. Sometimes ferrets make little dooking or whining noises when they are asleep, this is also a sign of a ferret dreaming.

Humans get an occasional itch here or there, but what about fuzzies? Do they just sleep through their itches? Sometimes! Know matter how deep of slumber your woozel is in, it will sometimes wake up for the occasional itch. When your woozel has an itch while sleeping, he will jump out of his hammock like a cat getting a bath and scratch that itch, dangit! Even if it requires bumping into a couple of walls (you know how it is when you’re tired!), your fuzzie will get out of bed to take care of his annoying itch. After the itch has been taken care of, the fuzzie will immediately go back in the hammock-like nothing has ever happened.

Some ferrets snore. Yes, they snore, just like humans do. Well, of course, it doesn’t sound the same, but that’s obvious because ferrets’ noses are not nearly as large as our noses. When a ferret snores, it sounds just like he is breathing hard. Nothing like when humans snore (yes, I do have experience!).