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Ferrets can get a bit smelly be very smelly and dirty so a part of taking care of them is to bathe them.  Before you give a bath to your lovely ferret please bear in mind that ferrets do not need to be washed bathed at all. If you bathe him once in three or four weeks that is enough. It is very important not to bathe them too often because it can hurt their skin and make it very dry. Ferrets usually have their way to clean themselves without the need to wash in the water very often as we humans do.

When it comes to ferret bathing, fill the pail with warm water. Ferrets have high body temperature so in this way they will naturally enter the bath. On the other hand please make sure that the temperature is not too high as it might burn his skin. If you will not do it correctly the first time, your ferret might be afraid to take baths and the next time it will be much harder to train him to take it. The best advice is just to put your hand in the water before you enter the ferret, just to check that the water is at a good temperature.

Some ferrets like to swim and they can get tired of this. So you might consider putting a box or a place where he can rest for a while. Other ferrets might not like baths, swimming, and diving, so the solution for this situation is to use the shower.

There are lots of ferret soap and shampoos on the market that you can use. And you can also use baby oil or baby shampoo. No matter what you choose, just make sure it is a no-tear shampoo. Next scrub the ferret gently from head to tail, wait a few minutes and then wash him again. Drying your ferret is also an easy task; you can simply wrap him in a clean towel or you can use a ferret drying sack.



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