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Here are some good tips to care for your ferret’s fur. Purchase a bottle of Linatone, for your ferret, which can be picked up at any pet store. To use, open a 5 pound sack of food and pour 1/4 cup of Linatone. Shake until the ferret/cat food is coated with Linatone. Then just feed free choice. That is all there is to keep your ferret’s fur beautiful.

Bathe your ferret weekly. Use Pert Plus Shampoo. It contains cream rinse and leaves their fur beautiful. Be careful of the eyes. If shampoo gets in their eyes, the ferret will get very scared and may scratch and wiggle to get away. Do not forget to wash feet, bottom, and tail very well. Ferrets walk and sit in their litter boxes and the powder from the litter can build up under their fur and cause hair loss.



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