If you’ve ever before thought about bringing house a small furry pet, you’ve possibly considered a ferret. Pouncing as well as playing, concealing your stuff, or snoozing in a stockpile of fluff, ferrets will conveniently win you over. With ferrets craftiness, as well as jester-like antics, they do make fantasticContinue Reading


Ferret lymphoma (likewise referred to as lymphosarcoma) is a horrible sort of cancer that is generally seen in ferrets.  It affects all lymphoid tissue and can spread out throughout the whole body. It can also be tough to detect as well as unfortunately, no cures presently exist. Multicentric lymphoma isContinue Reading

This is entirely dependent on the ferrets. Every ferret has different preferences. They do seem to prefer to be able to get their entire bodies into the box and have room to turn around, so a large box is a must IMO. I use cat-sized litter boxes, and I justContinue Reading