Ferret Treats

My ferrets just love this treat. I feed it to them, along with Ferretvite as a treat, just don’t feed them too much at once and be careful to not let them run away with it as this little guy is about to do here.

Ferret and Ferretbites

Ferret with her Ferretbites

8 in 1 Ferretbites Gourmet Treats-Banana/Raisin (Bag in Box), 4-Ounce

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Fun Ferret Facts

Marshall Pet Hanging Ferret Tube in Assorted Colors.  This hanging tube features a 5″ square opening in the center for added fun. Lined with synthetic lambs wool and clips easily to most wire cages. Hangs approximately 4″ from the tops of most cages.




Ferret FactsFerret fun facts

Much like other tiny creatures, ferrets are inclined to rest 14 to 18 hours a day consisting of 2 to 6 hour intervals. Some homeowners could find their pet in a state known as “dead sleep”. The ferret stays cozy but has quite shallow breathing but the ferret remains warm and is not dead. Just shake him, and he will slowly wake up. While you my experience the dead ferret predicament, it is scary when seeing this for the first time as you think your ferret has died! It is very important to look for breathing to determine if this is the situation. Of note, this usually happens in young ferrets, but can happen when they are older too.

Baby Ferrets

Ferrets’ color may considerably vary from even a mixture of several colors, or white, black, gray, brown, gold, sable. Some common qualities of ferrets include albino variety that feature white fur with black or red eyes. Others have styles, like a bright head (panda), white toes (mitts), dark thighs and tail (Siamese), or white blaze (badger). The fascinating truth about ferrets at birth is the fact that irrespective of the specific breed, all ferrets, are born completely white!

History of FerretsFFferret_hunting2

Many states prohibited owning ferrets during 1900s; ferret control turned legal after rabies vaccine became far better in ferrets.

Ferrets were used to search for rats on ships and manage their population.

In the Middle Ages, they were used to look for rabbits. The mouth would be muzzled and they were released to go down rabbit holes to pursue rabbits, who would run out on the other side where hunters waited with nets to catch them. This process was utilized in the United States as well until the early 20th Century.




Marshall Pet Hanging Ferret Tube in Assorted ColorsOur hanging tube features a 5″ square opening in the center for added fun. Lined with synthetic lambs wool and clips easily to most wire cages. Hangs approximately 4″ from the tops of most cages.

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Ware Manufacturing Climb and Hide Ferret Tube Hideout

This ferret furniture is sturdy, durable and attractive to ferrets and pet parents alike.

The ferret tube has a wood core and is covered in plush carpet. Ferrets love the climb and hide design of the ferret tube and delight in having a place of their own in which to rest and nest and provides safe and secure resting and nesting spots. Measures 10-inch width by 10-inch depth by 17-1/2-inch height.

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Ferrets as Pets

Prevue Pet Products Frisky Ferret Cage offers plenty of space for your pet  ferret or chinchilla.  Cage comes complete with one ramp and shelf to keep your fuzzy friend content. Featuring one front door and one rooftop door, you are able to easily access your precious pets.

Platform, grille and bottom tray are all easily removed for convenient cleaning. Castered stand provides portability from room to room while the space saver shelf holds toys, treats and supplies. Our Frisky Ferret Cage is available in a warm Coco Brown hammertone finish and measures 25-inch long, 17 1/8-inch wide, 34-inch high with 7/8-inch wire spacing.


Ferrets will make amazing, enjoyment and clever animals, but it’s important never to get one on a whim.  As with any pet, cons and pros exist to owning a ferret, which you should think about before you get one.  A lot of homeless ferrets are now living in recovery shelters, because of the lack of knowledge and dedication that is needed to have one of these special creatures in your home.

As soon as you get acquainted with a ferret, you’re likely to fall in love with it instantly! They have wonderful creatures people and therefore are a joy to own. A well-handled and socialized ferret is caring, lively and curious. They’re great with children, as long as you child is not overexcited as they can startle the ferret.  Young children should always be supervised around ferrets.


Ferrets can provide hours of enjoyment — you should interact with your pet a few hours each day.  They love to play and have the run of the house for part of the day. They are smart, and they quickly learn fun tricks that are simple to teach. In the case you have more than one ferret, you will have even more fun watching them play and interacting with each other, this can keep you occupied throughout much of your day.

Ease of Care

While ferrets need a good portion of your time every day, they’re simple enough to take care of in other aspects. So you do not should fit a lot of energy into figuring out their proper diet as many pet shops now carry a great ferret food. They can easily be potty trained as to not poop around the house. They have no problem being without human relationship for most of the day, so they’re excellent animals for people who tend to be out for part of the day.


Lots of people subject to the odor of ferrets; others don’t find it an issue. It is not always unpleasant scent, nevertheless it is fairly strong and musky. This aroma can be maintained to a minimum by cleaning up your kits’ cage three or more times weekly and by regular or regular washing with a baby wash. Although, you must be mindful to not dry out kits’ coats or skin by swimming them too frequently.


Because of the fascination, ferrets prefer to get into anything, plus they’re unafraid of making a mess. Any locations in which you permit these insects roam will need to carefully ferret-proofed. They won’t hesitate to scratch and scrabble at a door they wish even to attempt to burrow into your lounge, or to get to another area of. They’ll also chew any electric cables they are able to get their teeth into, and fit into any small rooms they discover. They need constant oversight outside of the cage to make sure they don’t go into trouble.


Ferrets need more of energy than you could imagine. Although they’re OK being maintained in a cage when you are out or at the office of the home, they require a minimum of four hours a day outside their cage. You should devote at least two of those playing or otherwise interacting with them. You should commit sufficient time to grooming, because they require regular nail-cutting, hearing- cleanup and tooth -cleaning.


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