Ferret Food Chart

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Ferret Epigen 90 moves conventional dry extruded ferret foods much closer to the high protein meat-based, starchless foods carnivores are genetically designed for and is the first dry diet/kibble ferret food that is Starch Free.

The Food Chart Score
All Foods are given a ranking in points, and point ranges are divided into tiers.
Green Tier: Excellent Foods that a ferret can thrive on.* These all have a minimum of 40% protein. Most of them are grain-free and provide a promise of at least 75% animal ingredients.
*note that Epigen cat/dog is an exception that has excellent protein levels, but does not contain enough fat for a ferret to thrive on (it is 11-12% fat) and is thus recommended as a treat or ‘mixer’ only.
Blue Tier: Solidly good foods. Most of them meet a ferret’s basic requirements for protein and do so without using meat by-products.
Orange Tier: A ferret could certainly live on these foods, but I would not personally expect them to thrive. I would recommend switching or mixing with a higher quality food.
Red Tier: Foods that I would personally NOT consider to be suitable for a ferret.

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