A Few Tips on Getting a New Ferret

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A Few Tips on Getting a New Ferret


You can either get a ferret from a shelter or the pet store or from a breeder if there is nearby. When selecting a ferret, pay attention to the eyes, their coating and their behavior. The more active the animal is the better. If you are worried that the ferret may have babies in the future it should be neutered, which they usually are when getting from a shelter or pet store.

Ferrets are charming animals. They have many color patterns to pick from.

If it is legal to own one where you live, another thing you have to know prior to going buying a ferret is finding out. You can easily find this out by checking on Google or with your local fish and game department to avoid problems later on.

Ferrets can be bought at any age.  You need to keep there area clean at all times and keep them in a safe cage and ferret proof the areas they will be wandering around while out of the cage.  As they grow older, you can let them explore a bit more in larger areas.  Best to keep them in smaller areas when they are very young.

Ferrets should be toilet trained as soon as possible.  They will already have some training, as they get this from the mother.  You can put a little of their poo in a litter pan so they will know where to go.  You can also put some poo on a piece of newspaper or dog pads in the corners of the rooms where they will be when they are out of the cage to avoid damage to your house.

The rate of a ferret depends on their size and age. Typically, they cost around $75 to $125. Aside from that, you will likewise have to purchase a few other items like a cage, litter box, toys and vaccinations.

To keep it healthy, you need to discover a vet that is qualified to handle such an animal. Ask around for somebody that can if the one near where you live is not able to do the job.





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