Ferret Colors

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The Ferret Book

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There are four basic colors for Ferrets:  Sable, Albino, Dark Eyed White (also called DEW), and Magic. Common Color Combinations: DEW, Magic, Silver Mitt, Sable Panda, Black Sable, Chocolate Sable, Albino, Sable, and Hooded Sable.

Additionally, there are marks and certain designs that the ferret can have with color. For instance, a Sable can be quite a Sable Mitt if the ferret has a bib and the legs are bright, which might be considered a sample. Here are a few common ferret patterns: panda, mitt, badger, fire, hooded, roan, siamese or pointed patterened, and shetland. A marking will be a Sable Bib, which might signify the ferret has only a bib with no white feet, which explains why the ferret couldn’t be a Sable Mitt. Some common markings in ferrets include white tips in bibs, the butt, white legs, and bands around the eyes.


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